Our Events & Activities


For years we have been organising second-hand markets for ordinary people (no traders) that wish to swap or sell second-hand books, small house appliances and vintage clothing as well as gift and fancy goods they no longer use.

The exhibition, which has always been followed by large crowds of customers, takes place in Piazza Risorgimento and surrounding areas (Viale Trento, Piazzetta Costantini, Via Cossetti, Via Santa Caterina and Piazzetta Freschi) on the last Sunday of the month, included the Sunday before Christmas.

There won’t be any markets in January, July and August.

Opening times: 8.30 a.m. -6.30 p.m.



On April 25th, at Parco San Valentino, (on the way that from Torre di Pordenone leads to Cordenons) we organise the “Fortajada”, a well-known outdoors gastronomic meeting whose main course consists of scrambled eggs.

For ages the “fortajada” has been the typical meal to carry in your pic-nic basket when going for a day outdoors. If you like, at our kiosks, you can find scrambled eggs with salami, onions, cheese or potatoes together with chips, soft drinks, water, coffee and ice-creams for the little ones.

The Pro Loco Fortajada has become a tradition that attracts large numbers of amateurs wishing to spend a day out, in the green, while the kids can have fun in a free and safe surrounding.

The day starts with a no- competitive march and the celebration of the Holy Mass followed by  traditional games, music, and free entertainments for adults and children.



With this celebration we aim to enhance the beauty of the Noncello river. The event is organised with contributions from the Pro Pordenone, “Sei di Pordenone se…” and many other sports and cultural associations.

The celebrations takes place along Via Riverasca (the one parallel to the river), Adam and Eve Bridge and the Pier.

Every year the event is enriched by cultural meetings, musical events, dancing shows, sports activities, Cosplay contest, arts and photos exhibitions, crafts work and much more.

We organise relaxing trips on a ferry and demonstrations on how and where to go canoeing along the Noncello.

A special area is dedicated to all the local farms that want to exhibit and sell their 0-km products:  feel free to have a try to their products.

To tickle people’ s palates we have given new life to the old fish festival. Along the Adam and Eve Bridge the Pro Loco people cook fish according to recipes from our traditional cuisine together with those restaurateurs that want to try their hand at traditional local dishes.



To recall the legend of St Martin and the meaning of those November days, characterised by lovely weather, known as “St Martin’s summer”, when poor tenant farmers moved from the farm they had been working on to the one they would work on the following year, we organise celebrations rich in cultural and gastronomic events.

In Piazza XX Settembre, under a large tensioned structure, you can find “Vino novello”, chestnuts and season cakes as well as arts and crafts exhibitions, wood-carvings, paintings, mosaic works and laboratories for children.

We also organise guided tours for adults and children, hikes, bike rides, music shows, dancing and theatrical performances.



It’s a joyful event that the Pro Loco people dedicate to their partners and co-operators and to the city of Pordenone. It’s a good opportunity to exchange Christmas greetings listening to a concert of classical music and Christmas Carols.



At Christmas we organise an exhibition of Nativities, realised by the creativity of our local artisans. The 2017 exhibition saw the presence of about 120 hand-made Nativities, different in size, material and technique.



Since 2010, with the cooperation of photographers, historians and sponsors, we have endeavoured to realise the Pordenone Pro Loco Calendar, illustrated with pictures and old photos of the city. The money collected from the sale of the Calendar has always ben donated to the local schools or to associations involved in social work.